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What an endearing story about a dog. I love Liebling and I just didn't want to stop reading. It is the emotion that I am interested in from Liebling's perspective. This has universal appeal.


I LOVE this book. It has been beautifully written about the wonderful life of a dog, her adventures and family. This book definitely makes you laugh and cry and is one that I will read to my children. What a delightful book about a beautiful dog!


Couldn't resist this because I have a GSP too! You have described their character perfectly in your story, mischievous but also incredibly loving. I love your story. It describes perfectly life from a dog's point of view. You have managed to get into Liebling’s head incredibly well. You have also managed to get a huge amount of emotion in the story, despite it being told from a dog's perspective. The bit where tears fell on Liebling’s fur nearly made me cry.


I fell in love with your story. It's hard not to be moved by the tale of dear Liebling. You've made your story all the more original by having it from the perspective of your main character and I like the simplistic way she narrates the story.


This is a really enajoyable read. Having written it from the dog's point of view is its main strength. It is engaging, humorous and has a good pace.


Thank you Jenny for a lovely book. Entertaining and heart rending. I must read it to my grandchildren soon to introduce them to the joys of owning a dog.


Liebling is a lovely read filled with humour and emotion. Although intended for children, adults will enjoy it as well


Jenny, loved the book! I thought at times I was there with Liebling during her adventures.